Occasionally I would use certain Arabic terms or certain abbreviations in my writing. Here are some that I predict I would use most often. As & when I feel it necessary, I would update this page.

But just as a guide for the uninitiated:

  1. Alhamdulillah : Praises be to Allah

  2. Dua: supplication

  3. Hijab/ Tudung: refers to the headscarf worn by Muslim women. Hijab being the Arabic term & tudung the commonly used Malay term in Singapore/Malaysia.

  4. InsyaAllah : Allah-Willing. (Used after saying something that you will do in the future. eg: I’ll see you tomorrow insyaAllah)

  5. MasyaAllah : An expression to show awe, or surprise.

  6. Rab/Rabbi : English equivalent “Lord” as in Owner, Sustainer of the Universe.

  7. SAW or pbuh : SAW is the Arabic short-version to mean Peace Be Upon Him (comes after either Rasulullah SAW, Prophet SAW, Sayyidina Muhammad SAW – all of which refers to Prophet Muhammad SAW)

  8. SubhanAllah : Glory be to Allah
  9. SWT : Great & Glorious is He (comes after Allah i.e: Allah SWT)

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