Oh Mother!

August 2, 2009 at 7:16 pm 4 comments


The picture above was taken probably 3 years ago. The words I had editted were a result of me staying at hostel in my first year in uni & missing my mum.

For those who have met my mother, you knowww that she’s extremely cute haha. I always get amused by her ‘silly’ questions and funny theories about life.

As she gets older, she really gets funnier. And not because she chose to, she’s just so clueless. Here are some of the funny scenarios that has happened recently.

Scenario #1:

Usually on Sundays she has class between zuhur and asr and would be back by 530-6pm. Today she was not home by 630 so I called her earlier and asked her where she was. She said: “Mee, I don’t know how I ended up at East Coast Park! After the mosque, diorang kidnap I bawak I pergi sini!” (They kidnapped me and brought me here!)

Hahaha. Okay this may seem strange but my mum says that I’m always ‘scolding’ her, that I’m like the female version Sayyiduna Umar RA. Of course I am in NO WAY close to the character and demeanour of Sayyiduna Umar RA, but okay, I am quite erm, firm with her. Haha. Like I would stare at her if she talks during classes, stare at her if she complains about my dad, stare at her if she laughs too loud etc etc. Haha. So she has come to this state where she feels like she needs to explain her actions to me. Its so cute and I really don’t expect her to and I feel bad for making her be somewhat ‘scared’ of me haha.

So anyway, in the previous conversation she was trying to tell me that she’s coming home soon and it wasn’t her idea to go East Coast etc. I was like “Omg Mak, please enjoy yourself. I was just wondering where you are, thats all.”

Really, you should see how my mum is with me. Makes you wonder who the mum is sometimes. :P
Scenario #2:

I’ve been looking for a plain black skirt and so one fine day, my mum was out and she called me.

Mum: “Mee, I found a black skirt like you wanted. You want me to buy for you?”

So we had a short conversation while I tell her no need unless its really cheap and don’t waste money, while she tries to convince me to let her buy it for me etc. When she’s losing an argument, like she was this time, she goes “Okay I buy now. Bye!” and hangs up before I can even say anything else.

2 mins later, she calls back.

Mum: “Mee, I bought for you already. You want long one right?”
Me: “Huh? You bought long one?”
Mum: “Oh nooo, you wanted short one is it? I’m sorry! I buy already. Okay okay I go back to the shop.” And she hangs up!

I was so puzzled! I called her back.

Me: “Mak! Of course long one la! What would I do with a short skirt!”
Mum: “Ehhh.. a’ah eh. *giggles away*”

In the background I could hear some Aunty asking “Lu tanak tukar ah?” which translates to mean “You don’t want to change?”.

SERIOUSLY LA!*smacks forehead*

Jokes aside, my mum is really Superwoman. She puts her family before anything else, even herself, and I’ve never met anyone more selfless than her. All her decisions are for the good of the family. I can’t think of the last time she wanted to do something that didn’t include the rest of the family. Her happiness lies in ours and I think thats the most noble thing ever. I can only pray Allah grants me HALF the selflessness that my mum possess, masyaAllah.

Recently a friend’s mother was hospitalised and I was around when they talked about delegating the housework etc. I couldn’t stop thinking about my mum. If she was ever hospitalised or God forbid, taken away from us, I don’t know how my family would survive. She truly is the rock in the family that keeps us all together and grounded. Sure, I can take over the housework from her, but I can’t ever replace her amazing organisational skills, and the way she takes into account everyone’s schedules and needs/wants before making any decision, and the way she tirelessly serves us when we really should be the one serving her. SubhanAllah…. Thank You Allah for this big blessing of a mother. I really can’t do justice to the kind of mother that she is.

In all honesty, I do think she’s an amazing woman. When I was younger and people asked what you want to be when you grow up, people my age always said ‘Teacher’ or ‘Doctor’ or ‘Lawyer’, you know, those run-of-the-mill answers. Mine was always ‘Mother’. Haha.

But now I realize that the answer was incomplete. What I meant to say was, “When I grow up, I want to be my mother.”



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  • 1. ruqayyah  |  August 8, 2009 at 1:10 pm


  • 2. mahirah  |  August 9, 2009 at 9:40 pm

    your mum is so cute! ahaha! you know I look at you and sadiq and I wonder whose traits you guys follow more, your dad or your mum =)

  • 3. Remykm  |  August 10, 2009 at 7:47 am

    Happie birthday Sis Ameera =)
    Hope you had a meaningful one and a blessed life ahead

  • 4. amuslimahsmmusings  |  October 21, 2009 at 3:34 am

    Oh man my dear beautiful Ameera, this post is so sweet and swells my heart :)

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