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I received an sms today from a friend who said she found 2 abandoned kittens and needed a foster ‘mother cat’ to take care of the kittens for a week while they find someone who would adopt the kittens. Feeling super excited, I called my mum to get her permission.

Alas, it was not to be. :( Mummy absolutely refused to let me keep them or bring them home even after I said I’ll keep them only in my room or only outside the house.

After we hung up, she sent me:

Mummy: very2 sori abt d kitten.

Me: Merajuk ah.

Mummy: merajuk la tapi jgn lama2. if u wan i buy u toy kitten can?

I didn’t reply. Now everytime I see her, I go ‘Meow’. I hope that she’ll eventually cave in. I don’t know if its working but she has resorted to saying ‘Meow’ when she sees me too. Is that a good sign?


Since we’re on the topic, here’s something for those who didn’t know.

“Sayyidina Abu Hurairah RA became a Muslim at the hands of At-Tufayl ibn `Amr, the chieftain of the Daws tribe to which he belonged. S.Abu Hurairah’s RA name was `Abdu Shams (Servant of Sun) which changed, after embracing Islam, into `Abdur-Rahman (the Servant of the Beneficent Lord). However, he continued to be known as Abu Hurairah, “the kitten man,” literally “the father of a kitten” because he was fond of cats and since his childhood often had a cat to play with.”

And here’s another lovely story I’ve heard. The Prophet SAW once found a cat that was sleeping on the sleeve of his robe. He didn’t want to wake the cat up so he cut that portion out and took the rest of the robe. Rahmatan lil alameen indeed! :D

Now all you people please pray that my mummy will eventually love cats too! Thank you!


I need your help to publicize the fostering/adoption of 2 kittens which I found next to a construction site in Geylang yesterday.

They’re only several days old, eyes opened and bottle fed 2-3 hrs around the clock. I can’t keep them as my family doesn’t allow pets. I took them in out of compassion cos’ mummy cat disappeared (kittens not groomed, one’s eyes became crusty and couldn’t open them and both were very hungry).

Defu Vet gave both a clean bill of health. Vet managed to clean up the crusty eyes and now kitten can open them. This one needs to have regular eye cleaning with saline solution and application of antibacterial ointment to its eyes. Both have a good chance to survive.

Wii – ginger + white + long tail (male)
Baby – black + white + hardly visible stumpy tail (male)

Do you know any fosterers/adopters who are willing to take both in? I’ll the cat formula replacement (recommended by vet) and bottle.

Additional note: I have a few enquiries suggesting that I send both kittens to the SPCA. I just called them up today and the truth was such kittens will be put euthanize/put to sleep as SPCA lack the manpower and resources to nurse kittens around the clock. So, I hope now you understand why SPCA will never be my choice.


Sri Yusnita Rahim


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