Qasidah Tholama

April 28, 2009 at 8:00 am 5 comments

This was one, out of the manyyyyy, beautiful qasidahs that was sung on the night we had the Spiritual Jamming session. SubhanAllah.. I love SimplyIslam so so much for organising such an event. It was beautiful beyond words. The atmosphere, the intensity, the love, the sincerity, the sharing, the people, the light, oh the light! Indeed, what Shaykh Osama Cannon said was right, “There’s life here tonight!”

And he said that in relation to this hadith:

“The example of one who remembers Allah and someone who does not, is like the example between the living and the dead.”
[Sahih al-Bukhari; 11:208, Muslim; 1:539]

I would wax lyrical about them non-stop but my heart is missing them so much already and I pray that they are all in good health and safe wherever they might be now. I pray they grace our shores again soon insyaAllah!

So here’s the lyrics & translation of one of the qasidahs. I would upload the video that my brother took that night as soon as I get my hands on them insyaAllah. In the meantime, sing to yourself okay. And yes, prepare the tissue. ;)

Tholama asyku ghoromi yaa nurol wujud
wa unadi ya tihaami yaa ma’dinal juud

For so long I have complained of my loneliness
Oh light of existence, light of Allah…
I mention, I call you, oh, Noble Mecca,
Source of excellence and sublimity…

Mun-yati aqshol maromi ahzho bissyuhud
wa aro baabas salami yaa azkal judud

My ultimate expectation and goal is the meeting with you,
It is the crown of my success…
I have seen the Port of Safety,
Oh, he whose essence is purity….

Ya sirajal kauni inni aashiq muntaham
Mughramun wal Madhu fannii Ya Badrat Tamaam

Oh, Light of creations…
verily my longing for you has mountained…
My longing and poem becomes my art
Oh, Perfect Full Moon…

Ishrifil’aroodho’ anni adhnaanis saqom
fiika qod ahsantu zhonni yaa saamil’uhud

Remove the bothersome veil so that I may see you,
I have a strong expectation of your promise of safety
Oh, one who is firm in his promises,…

Yaa sirojal anbiyaa-i yaa’alil janaab.
yaa imaamal atqiyaa-i inna qolbi dzaab

Oh, light of the prophets, Oh, summit of purity,
Leader of the people of Taqwa, My heart is one with you…

Wa’alaikallahu sholla rabbi dzuljalal….
Yakfi yaa nurol ahillah inna hajri thool…

For you may there be the salutations of Allah,…
My Lord is indeed the Master of Every Perfection…
It’s enough for me, Oh, light of Allah,
To journey towards you, surely the separation is long…

Sayyidi wal’umru walla jud bil washli jud

My master, all my life you are my beloved,
Hasten my meeting with you…

I dedicate this particularly to Abdullah, because it sounds so much like something you would have written yourself. :)


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Ya Rasulullah SAW Spiritual Jamming Videos

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  • 1. seeking patience  |  April 29, 2009 at 10:04 am

    I miss them too =(

    Eh when was this Qasidah sung? I wanna earn all these beautiful Qasidahs!

    Btw my videos are up at my blogspot! The add is at my FB profile =D

  • 2. Sufyan  |  April 29, 2009 at 10:34 pm

    Aaaahhhh! Got lyrics some more! I’ve been wanting to learn the qasidahs!

    And I miss Sheykh Khalil and gang, Sheykh Usama’s enthusiasm and energy… and his gruntling disapproving noises whenever he hears something bad.

  • 3. abdullah  |  April 30, 2009 at 12:12 am

    Syukran! Nice of you to share with us.
    A sight beyond words: Two good friends siting alongside each other and remembering Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w.

  • […] is the first Qasidah that was sung during Spiritual Jamming held at Madrasah Khairiah organised by In attendance were Shaykh Khalil Moore, […]

  • […] is the first Qasidah that was sung during Spiritual Jamming held at Madrasah Khairiah organised by In attendance were Shaykh Khalil Moore, […]

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