Ya Rasulullah SAW

April 27, 2009 at 8:00 am 1 comment

When I read the books, listen to the CD’s, and hear the narrations, I am in a continuous daze,
Hearing of your patience, tranquility, and endless faith, I am truly amazed,
Though words can never be enough to describe your character, personality, and life,
I strive to learn and reflect upon your unshakeable iman through every difficulty and strife.

Ya Rasulullah, when I begin to recall your youth as an orphaned child,
All problems and difficulties of mine seem vaguely mild,
When I reflect upon your isolation, being turned away from your hometown,
Your thankfulness and content, never publicly displaying a frown,
When I remember how the Muslims were tortured, and you were amongst them,
How every patient response of yours, was such a valuable lesson and gem,
I imagine them spilling camel guts onto your back as you prayed,
But the more they tortured and taunted, the stronger your resolute, never to fade,
I see the trash spilled in front of your home and the thorns that surround,
But, in your heart, you knew, that for victory you were bound,
I read about the incident in Ta’if and I cry,
For every stone that was thrown, for every injury, for the blood that would dry,
I recall the slanderous words thrown around, “sorcerer” and “madman”,
And I remember the starvation and the loneliness through the sanctions and ban,
Ya Rasulullah, when I begin to complain about rejection and isolation,
I remember all that you faced, oh what an inspiration.

Ya Rasulullah, when I remember the losses you continuously faced,
My meager losses are quickly forgotten in haste,
Losing Abu Talib, your protection while amongst your enemies,
The man who tried to convert the taunts and the discrimination into ease,
The passing of Khadijah (R), your beloved wife,
The inspirational woman, who led you through each low point, every strife,
I imagine you tearing as you bury your children, such a difficult sight,
In the midst of your difficulties, your responsibility to lead the Ummah with strength and might,
As I sit and think about my material losses, I begin to realize,
That your faith took you through each and every difficulty, no matter effect or size.

As I read, listen, and hear of your inspirational Sunnah, every incident and situation,
I forget and shoo away all problems, difficulties, and frustration,
And after all this reflection and inspiration, I decide that if I could have only one more wish, it would be, To see your smiling face in the Hereafter and be among those for whom you call, “Ummati, Ummati.”

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Spiritual Jamming Qasidah Tholama

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  • 1. mawaddah  |  April 27, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    masya Allah!! so touching… but it is really a pity for the ummah nowadays who dont follow his sunnah. may Rasulullah grant his syafaat later in the hereafter. ameen.

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