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I miss the DYN boys. Heh.

Anyway, as they have already mentioned, there are countless benefits to consuming honey. Some of the links you might like to check out to read more about the medical benefits are:

* Journal of Wound, Ostomy & Constinence Nursing
* Honey Makes Medical Comeback
* Healing Honey
* Yemeni Honey (as was seen in the video)

In the book, Quran Saintifik by Dr Danial Zainal Abidin, the author mentioned that honey contains glucose and fructose, both of which can be absorbed easily be the body. When honey is mixed with a little water, it will dissolve into the bloodstream within 7 minutes which can then be used optimally by the brain. Honey also contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, like vitamin B1, B2, C, magnesium, potassium and iron, just to name a few. Science experts from all over the world including America agreed to the benefits of honey in the World Apiculture Conference held in Sep 1993.

If those are not enough to motivate you to start consuming honey, here’s one more. In “Shamaa-il Tirmidhi”, (Islamic Book Service Publications, New Delhi, 2000, p. 160), it is mentioned in the chapter of Rasulullah SAW’s favourite foods that “Rasulullah SAW loved halva & honey.” In another book, “Islam and Christianity, The Superior Morality and Habits of Hadrat Muhammad (SAW)”, it was said that “Among foods, he liked mutton, broth, pumpkins, sweet things, honey, dates, milk, cream, melons, grapes and cucumbers. He also liked cold water.”

There are also many different grades of honey out there in the market with the Yemeni honey being one of the most sought after.

One of the highest quality & most “limited edition” honey is the Sidr. This is believed to heal wounds without leaving a scar, although effects may differ for different individuals.

You won’t believe your luck. I just got a call from the ones selling (I’m just helping to promote because I bought the honey from them so I’m not afraid of low-quality stuff) and they’ve decided to cut prices. You can even have a taste first before deciding to buy.

I’ve got my hands on some stock of pure Sidr honey & are selling them at:

1kg for $350
250g for $100

There is also Sidr mixed selling at:

1kg for $300
250g for $80

For a lower grade of honey, (these bees only feed on the flowers of date trees at Hadramaut),

500g at $90
250g at $50

Do contact me at ameera.aslam@gmail.com or leave a comment if you are interested! Thank you!


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    Alaaaahh…. Miss jugak sey.. nak kene balik cairo hahax

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