When you have nothing to lose

February 26, 2009 at 12:12 pm 4 comments

When you have nothing to lose, you’re invincible.
When you have nothing to lose, what are you afraid of?
When your heart is full of His remembrance,
How could you feel the material absence?

Zuhud is not about not owning anything
But that nothing should own you
It is only to Him that you should be a slave
So remember to constantly think of your grave

On the Day when my wealth & family can’t help me
When my grief is intense and my fear unrivalled,
Where are my deeds that I must present to Him?
Are they of the quality that are pleasing to Him?

This heart of mine that I’ve been given
What have I done to purify it?
Love of things & mortals occupy it
and my heart’s Light remain unlit.

My time & energy is spent
on worldly commitments and duties
And my akhira is neglected
While my time in transit is being depleted.

When you have nothing to lose, what are you afraid of?
When you strive to please Him, would you be let down?
When you get too deep, remind yourself that this Life is temporal.
When you have nothing to lose, you’re invincible.


” My devotees! No fear shall be on you that Day, nor shall ye grieve
– Surah az-Zukhruf Verse 68

” In the case of those who say, “Our Lord is Allah,” and, further, stand straight and steadfast, the angels descend on them (from time to time): “Fear ye not!” (they suggest), “Nor grieve! but receive the Glad Tidings of the Garden (of Bliss), that which ye were promised!”
– Surah Fussilat Verse 30

” Behold! verily on the friends of Allah there is no fear, nor shall they grieve.”
– Surah Yunus Verse 62

I want to be in that state of not fearing of losing anything (but my Iman) and not grieving over losing any worldly attachments. :(

Allah.. What have I done to my heart? What have I filled it with? How do I purify it once more? May Allah help us all to never lose focus on our ultimate goal – our grave and the most definite of all, meeting Him and having to account for the things we do and how we occupied our time.

Have me in your prayers. InsyaAllah you guys are in mine too.

Happy Rabiul-Awal to everyone! I shouldn’t put such a depressing post on such a blessed & lovely month heh. Was just feeling like that. Anyway, keep the salawat on your lips & in your heart at all time ya? :)

Allahumma solli wa sallim wa baarik ala Sayyidina wa Habibina wa Syafi’ina Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad!


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  • 1. seeking patience  |  February 26, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    Masya’Allah, nice post, Didi! Yeah, it’s kind of hard to not be ‘attached’ to our worldly possessions. I wish we can live like Rasulullah s.a.w.

    Every worldly possession was given away to others in his last days. He doesn’t even have that many, the ones he had were gifts, right?


  • 2. alfaqirah, fakhrunnisa'  |  February 27, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    My beloved…Here is a piece of lament of mine i yearn to share.

    Think what of I of those around me?
    I question the meaning of love. The bestowal of love. How is it so that we have various degrees of love fo different ones. Is love something within my control? Nay…
    O Allah, You hold the hearts of believers with your fine Grip. Grip my heart.

    Love can only flow in the channels of humility among brothers. Pride and thoughts of self righteousness are boulders obstructing such a flow.
    Neediness of each other bearing in mind our weakness as creation before Creator…
    Creation as one, united in bending our knees before the Mighty One; the recognition of weakness as One…that is the brotherhood of Love.

    Of those who perceive that their feets are above us…
    indeed we do serve like the green grasses. We serve for His Sake. But we see you as dead. Our hearts are with Him. Nay…your corpse upon us does not cause us pain.
    For the dead…
    cannot harm nor can they benefit
    cannot give nor can they keep back
    cannot give life nor can they give death
    cannot convery nor can they cut off
    cannot bring near nor can they take awy
    cannot make happe nor can they make sad
    cannot bestow nor can they deprive
    cannot posses for themselves benefit nor harm
    nor death, nor life, nor resurruction

    Pain does not come except that He wills. Dead ones are just instruments to test us…
    For what is love without the pains and agonies.

    Kindess and service do we render you. But who are you? We do not see you. Powerless are you against us.
    The dead have gone. What right have they to still be loved? Do I love everyone? Yes I do. For those who have been dead are of no concern to us right? But the light of the ever living one may peace be upon him is everywhere to be loved.

    Think not those who are slain in His way as dead. Nay…They are ever living in His Pressence.

    O dead ones! Our acts of service in kindness are simply rehearsals of the ever living one, may the blessings of The Supreme Ever Living, The First & The Last be upon him…
    in order to win His Pleasure, His Favour and be amongst the ever living.

  • 3. zhaf  |  March 1, 2009 at 2:53 am


    And do go easy on yourself (but not too easy yea?). Devotion and works ought to be a blessing from Him, and not (too) much of a burden.

    “Allah.. What have I done to my heart? What have I filled it with? How do I purify it once more?”
    Ahh now that, sounds like a brick wall this salik’s bashed his head against before. Have something to share regarding that, next time I’m down at Friday tafsir, should He permit.

    Lord grant you and us all that is fine and sublime, an abundant share of all that is beautiful and good.

    Peace =)

  • 4. Min  |  March 6, 2009 at 12:14 am

    Assalamualaikum w.r.b. In my path of Islam, I seek only One and One alone. I just felt like sharing something with you. The poem below was from a Great Sufi Poet and Philosopher, Jal’aludin Rumi. It has various underlying meanings, it goes 3 scriptures deep. I’m not kidding. Been doing research in Islam & especially Sufism for years. I think the element of love for Allah is the path, the path to find Allah, for that is my cause. I don’t want to point to the sky or point all around me to show where He is. Thus my path is forever enlightened with the knowledge of Sufism and Tassawuf, each research uncovers various meanings (not diverting from core Islamic virtues – as some people commonly do – of course). It’s great literary flair keeps me inspired amongst the tons of work in NTU. Thus I share this quote from him to you. Insya Allah may your path be illuminated in your search for Allah. For all of us are mere candles looking for the sun.

    You’ve no idea how hard I’ve looked for a gift to bring You.
    Nothing seemed right. What’s the point of bringing gold
    to the gold mine, or water to the Ocean. Everything I came
    up with was like taking spices to the Orient. It’s no good
    giving my heart and my soul because you already have these.
    So- I’ve brought you a mirror. Look at yourself and
    remember me.

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