Strange, me.

January 3, 2009 at 7:03 am 4 comments

I think this will sound really strange but coming from me, what else do you expect right?

I’m in tears because here I am, just thinking about the Prophet SAW and how he used to live so long ago from me. I mean, I’m looking at my handphone and I wonder, how great would it be if I could just type a msg like, “Good morning Rasulullah SAW! Have a great day today!” or something like that and proceed to look for “Rasulullah SAW” in my phonebook. And how great to receive a reply from him! Haha, I know it sounds so absurd but gosh, that thought ran in my head and now I’m crying and laughing because its so absurd but because you know, he really did live such a long time ago! And Allah knows just how long more we have to be apart before we can live in the same time, same place, and I can see him without any veils, and I can fetch his shoes for him, or bring him tea or something. Ahh, I dunno. :(

What a strange start to my day.

Ya Allah, please shorten the time before we can be together.. Make me fit for his service Ya Rabb.. Make my heart stay in love with him always, and always find more and more reasons to fall in love with him again and again.. Ameen.


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  • 1. srikandi  |  January 3, 2009 at 5:26 pm

    ALLAHumma ameen… (= He’s not far from us my dear..He (peace be upon him) is, in fact, verryyy close and near to us… :)

    ALLAHumma solli ‘ala habibika wa habibina Sayyidina Muhammad…

    “….dan bersaksilah sesungguhnya kami merinduimu…..”

  • 2. seeking patience  |  January 4, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    haaaa u’re making me cry lah kak… yeah I wish he’s here with us too… I want him to be by our sides, guiding us, reminding us, motivating us… We need him so badly…so very badly… :(
    I can’t wait to meet him too… and bask in his presence :D

  • 3. alfaqeer  |  January 4, 2009 at 10:54 pm

    srikandi: Yeaaa I know he is. I just sometimes wish he was easily accessible too. I mean… ahh you know what I mean. :)

    seeking patience: As much as I wish he was here by our sides, I fear too. Because even with his amazing rahmah and aura and everything wonderful that he exudes, there were still kuffars in his time, there were still people who sinned and those who were disobedient. What guarantee do I have that I’d be good with him around? :(

    Oh well, one day we will be able to meet him insyaAllah. Hopefully that day will be sooner rather than later! :)

  • 4. faruq  |  January 5, 2009 at 9:17 am

    Yup, everyone of us wished that we were living in the Prophet’s (saw) time, to be able to converse, gaze and hug him.

    But then again, are we good enough to be his companions? The Sahabah were chosen by God, honoured by Him to be close to His Beloved. They were chosen because they were able to bear the burden that God was going to give them.

    And we are honoured by God because we are the Prophet’s brethren (saudara). Yes, that’s what Rasulullah (saw) called us – his brothers.

    Abu Huraira (ra) reported: The Messenger of Allah (saw) came to the graveyard (Baqi) and said: Peace be upon you! the abode of the believing people and we, if God so wills, are about to join you. I love to see my brothers. They (the hearers) said: Arn’t we your brothers-Messenger of Allah? He said: You are my companions, and our brothers are those who have, so far, not come into the world.

    They said: Messenger of Allah, how would you recognise those persons of your Ummah who have not yet been born? He said: Supposing a man had horses with white blazes on fore- heads and legs among horses which were all black, tell me, would he not recognise his own horses? They said: Certainly. Messenger of Allah. He said: They would come with white faces and arms and legs owing to ablution, and I would arrive at the Cistern (Kawthar) before them.
    (Sahih Muslim)

    Ya Rasulullah, accept us as part of your ummah and wait for us at your Kawthar!

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