A New Heart

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From the sohba of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani:

“The Prophet from Ibn Abbas qaala idha adayta as-salaat wa lam tajid fee qalbika khashiy wa qirat al quran wa lam tajid … ala raasik at-turaab.

Ibn Abbas learned from the Holy Prophet (s). He was one of the biggest muhaddiths who learned Holy Qur’an. He said, “If you prayed and you didn’t feel any fear of Allah and didn’t feel any love and didn’t feel any softness (i.e. then you are doing like a habit, praying 2 or 4 raka`ats when adhan comes), if you don’t feel that fear and if you read the Qur’an and don’t feel any feeling from reading it, (and many people come and say we are bored reading Qur’an), and if you remember Allah and tears don’t come out of your eyes, then go outside and bring dirt and throw it on your head, and ask Allah to give you a different heart because your heart is dead.”

Ya Rabbi… I want a new heart. :(
This heart is too corrupted. Too filled with love of this dunya and its inhabitants. Too attached, too weak, too diseased, too embarrassing to be a gift to You on the Last Day!

The Life to Come

Each approaching day is cutting short our life in this world and every day we are drawing nearer to our grave. Hence, we need to take strong steps to prepare for the Hereafter, and should act quickly to accumulate good deeds to earn the pleasure of Allah. A servant whose master is displeased with him works harder and more efficiently to earn the master’s pleasure.

This is the same condition of the believer in this world who rushes to accumulate good deeds so that his Creator and Master can become pleased with him. The believer tires himself in this pursuit, because if he relaxes and passes his life in ease and fun, then he has forgotten his real purpose and has become involved in his inner desires. He forgets his real purpose of preparing for the Hereafter and starts chasing the false attractions of this world. Such a person is in grave loss if he is not using all his resources to accumulate anything for the Hereafter. He is spending his life unaware that one day he has to die. This is a man to be pitied because worldly pursuits have blinded him.

We have to prepare for the Hereafter in this life and try to please our Creator. We should be involved day and night in thinking of ways to please Him. When we keep this thought foremost in our minds, we will stop wasting our time in useless talk and useless pursuits. Such an individual will stop sinning and displeasing Allah, and start spending his life pleasing and living his life by Allah’s commands. A person who realizes this has no spare time to waste, because he is constantly pursuing new avenues to please Allah.

We need to become people who are desirous of the Hereafter. This world and everything in it will end one day, whereas everything in the Hereafter is ever lasting. Consequently whatever man does for the Hereafter will last forever and continue to benefit him.”

– Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad “The Journey of the Hereafter”


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