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September 11, 2008 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Salam one & all. I hope everyone’s having a great Ramadhan. How fast it is already leaving us masyaAllah. =/ May we make full use of the remaining time we have in Ramadhan. Who knows if we’ll meet it next year? InsyaAllah.

Anyway, I got this sms the other day and it was not the first of its kind. I thought it’d be useful to bring it to the attention of everyone.

The sms goes something like this:

“Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. [insert a dua here]

Kirimkan ke 10 orang insyaAllah 2 hr kemudian anda akan mendengar khabar baik dengan mendapat kebahagiaan tapi jika tidak menyebarkan maka anda akan mendapat musibah besar. Demi Allah, ini amanah.”

In English this goes something like:

“In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful. [insert a dua here]

Send this to 10 people insyaAllah in 2 hours you’ll receive good news that will make you happy but if you do not send this, a huge calamity will befall you. By Allah, this is amanah (a matter of responsibility).”

Firstly, when I got the msg, I got really pissed off. Not at the sender but at the first person who started this nonsense.

I mean, think about it. Why 10 people only? Why not 11? If 11 considered bid’ah is it? What if I’m using a prepaid card and only have enough credit for 5? Does that mean I’m deserving of a musibah? And good news? Why 2 hours?!!

I don’t understand why people want to do this. If you really badly want to share that dua, by all means, do so. Do not coerce people into sending it around with threats like that because its got to do with aqidah.

This is syirik khafi. If someone believes that by not sending a msg, a great calamity will befall him, thats syirik already! Because only Allah has power over all things, not an sms definitely.

But by starting this msg with the name of Allah and then saying its a dua of Prophet Muhammad SAW, it gives ‘credibility’ and unsuspecting victims will continue sending this msg without knowing what the dua means and without thinking of the consequences.

Of course we all know this goes without saying for emails as well. Chain emails that tell you your teeth will fall out, your mother will pass away, this will happen, that will happen, OH COME ON. Have trust in Allah and know that it is He that allows things to happen. Without His Will, nothing will even move.

If ever you receive this kind of msg, do humanity a favour and reply the person telling him/her that its wrong and that its better to delete the last part of the msg if they want to spread the dua in it. Matters of tawheed and aqidah should not be meddled with. This is no small matter. Please let your friends know.

If ever you are unclear about anything, do seek an alim (your Ustaz, Ustazah etc) to clear your doubts. Do not take it lightly.


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Mirror mirror on the wall Before God

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  • 1. mate  |  September 11, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    I feel you on this one.. I got a couple of these nonsense too myself.. not only on sms, but on emails, friendsters.. i’m kind of puzzled why some people actually do these things.. And for those who received the sms, i can’t understand why some of them got worried about not forwarding the sms.. This is a serious matter.. wake up guys.. Whether you do or do not forward the sms, it does not guarantee you anything.. Things will only happen if Allah makes it happen.. It’s as simple as that..

  • 2. Abu Raiyan  |  September 12, 2008 at 6:06 pm


    yup, yup and yup..mmg betui kate anti kte sndr boleh mainkan peranan dlm hentikan perkare itu dgn tidak mengirimkan pade org lain. Dlm pade itu, kte beritahu org yg hantarkan pade kte supaye jgn terpedaye

    Wallahu a’lam..

  • 3. ummsofiyyah  |  September 12, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    Whoa. What a fierce entry! But I think every single word is justified, alright. :)

    Yg palin tah paham why would people start mcm ni punye merepek sms-es and emails and what-have-yous. I wonder what they have to gain?


  • 4. faruq  |  September 13, 2008 at 4:24 pm

    Alhamdulillah, I’ve tried so … for years. I’ve replied to the persons who sent the message. Then, years later, it crops back up again. Yup, the very same email, the very same message still comes back.

    Sometimes they do take a different form – but it’s still a chained one.

  • 5. alfaqeer  |  September 14, 2008 at 10:31 am

    mate: Woah mate! First time commenting! :) Anyway, I don’t blame the people who forward it again. Because sometimes people don’t know. And like I said, mentioning Allah’s Name and His Messenger SAW gives ‘credibility’. Sometimes these msges also mention how someone saw the Prophet SAW in a dream and told the person such and such a thing. This could be true (that someone dreamt of the Prophet SAW) but I highly doubt the Prophet SAW would threaten someone with a musibah or to tell the person to share it with only a certain amount of people.

    Abu Raiyan: Memang betul. Kalau anta ada blog, anta pun boleh ingat-ingatkan kawan anta tentang perkara ni. Tak baik kan memperdayakan orang macam gini. Siapa agaknye yang mulakan sms seperti ini. Takpela, kita cuma boleh doakan orang itu jugak. Harap-harap dia tak buat lagi.

    ummsofiyyah: I have an inclination that the ones who started this are not muslims? Entah eh. Sebab takkan orang Islam nak buat cam gini kat muslim kan? Tak baik betul.

    faruq: I feel you bro. It has been years. It was just that recently I got one AGAIN and thought, argh I shall highlight this on my blog! We just make dua that it will eventually stop and that Allah guides the people who started it. Amin!

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