Supplication for Solat Tasbeeh

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I have this fantastic book that was given to me by my Original Spiritual Comrade’s mum. Its in Malay and was done by Al Habib Al ‘Alamah Zaen Bin Ibrahim Bin Semait. A publication of Masjid al-Mukminin.

Anyhow, there’s this dua in it that is so beautiful and although its to be read after Solat Tasbeeh/Tasbih, I read it whenever I can. I’ve typed the dua out here and hopefully you can see it clearly. (If you can’t, do email me if you want it! Also, if you want the transliteration, email me as well.) The translation is in Malay but I’ll attempt to translate it to English. Do tell me if I’ve done a horrible job of it or if you can find a better translation for it yea? InsyaAllah it will be of benefit.


Okay I am a genius! Haha. I’ve decided to PrintScreen the dua instead of typing it here because it was SO MESSY and the perfectionist in me almost went mad seeing all the arabic letters jumbled up like alphabet soup. So here it is. Hopefully you can see it better now. :) If not, click to enlarge ya.

Translation in Malay:

Dibaca sebelum ataupun setelah salam: Wahai Allah aku memohon kepadaMu petunjuk orang-orang yang memiliki petunjuk dan amal-amalnya orang-orang ahli yakin dan nasihat-nasihatnya ahli taubat dan kekuatan ahli sabar dan semangat orang-orang yang takut kepadaMu dan permohonan orang-orang yang mencintaiMu dan ibadahnya orang-orang yang menjaga dirinya dari yang haram serta pengetahuan orang-orang ahli ilmu sehingga aku takut kepadaMu.

Wahai Allah aku memohon kepadaMu rasa takut yang dapat menghalangku dari berbuat maksiat sehingga aku beramal dengan ketaatan kepadaMu dengan amalan yang menjadikan aku berhak keatas keredhaanMu sehingga aku mendapat nasihatMu dengan taubat serta takut denganMu dan sehingga aku mengikhlaskan nasihat dariMu kerana kecintaanku kepadaMu dan sehingga aku menyerahkan diriki kepadaMu di dalam semua urusan kerana baik sangkaanku padaMu. Maha Suci wahai Dzat Yang Maha Menciptakan cahaya. Wahai Tuhan kami, sempurnakanlah bagi kami cahaya kami dan ampunilah kamil sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu.

English Translation: (Bismillah. I hope I do it right!)

To be read before or after tasleem (the last salam in prayer): Oh Allah I ask you to grant me the guidance of the people of guidance, and the good works of the people of Yaqin, and the advice of the people of repentance, and the strength of the people of patience, and the zeal of the people who fear You, and the invocation of the people who love You, and the ibadah (worship) of the people who restrain themselves from acts that are haram, and the knowledge of the people of knowledge until I fear You.

Oh Allah I ask You to grant me fear of You that will hinder me from committing sins, until I do good deeds out of obedience to You, such deeds that will entitle me to Your Redha; until I get advice from You with repentance and fear of You until I sincerely accept advice from You because of my love for You, and until I submit myself to You in every affair because of my good opinion of You. Glory be to You, The One Who creates Light. Oh our Lord, perfect our Light for us, and grant us forgiveness, indeed You have power over all things.

In case you were wondering what Solat Tasbeeh/Tasbih is:

Source: Fiqh-us-Sunnah, vol 2, # 33
‘Ikrimah reports from Ibn ‘Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said to ‘Abbas ibn ‘Abdal-Mutalib:

“O ‘Abbas, O Uncle, shall I not give you, shall I not present to you, shall I not donate to you, shall I not tell you ten things which, if you do, Allah will forgive your first and last sins, past and present sins, intentional and unintentional sins, private and public sins?

The ten actions are: pray four rak’at, reciting in every rak’ah al-Fatihah and a surah. And when you finish the Qur’anic recitation of the first rak’ah, say, while standing, ‘Subhanallah, al-hamdulillah, wa la ilaha illallah, wa Allahu Akbar‘ [‘Glory be to Allah. All praise is due to Allah. There is no God except Allah. Allah is the greatest.’] fifteen times. Then make ruku’, and while you are in ruku’, say the same ten times; then stand, and say the same ten times. Then go down and make sajdah, and while you’re in sajdah, say the same ten times. Then sit after the sajdah, and say the same ten times. Then make sajdah, and say the same ten times. Then sit after the second sajdah, and say the same another ten times. That is seventy-five [repetitions of the phrases] in each rak’ah. Do that in each of the four rak’at.

If you can pray it once a day, do so. If you cannot, then once every Friday. If you cannot do that, then once a year. And if you cannot do that then once in your life.“

This hadith is related by Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, Ibn Khuzaimah in his sahih, and at-Tabarani. About this hadith al-Mundhiri says: “This hadith has been related through many chains and from a number of companions. The best of them is this one from ‘Ikrimah. A group of scholars have graded it to be sahih, including al-Hafez Abu Bakr al-’Ajari, (al-Mundhiri’s teachers), Abu Muhammad ‘Abdurrahim al-Misri, and Abu al-Hassan al-Maqdisi.” Ibn alMubarak says: “The tasbih prayer is a greatly desired act and it is desirable that one should punctually observe it and never neglect it.”

No better time to start doing it but Ramadhan right? :)


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