The Attributes of Allah are ‘Qadeematun Azaliyyah’

August 28, 2008 at 3:12 pm 2 comments

The attributes of Allah SWT and His Names are ‘Qadeematun Azaliyyah, Daa’imatun Sarmadiyyah’. The meaning of ‘Qadeematun Azaliyyah’ and ‘Daa’imatun Sarmadiyyah’ is that there is no beginning to their beginning and there is no end to their end. The meaning of this is that no time elapses but that the Giver bestows a gift, the Affectionate shows affection, the Gracious dispenses grace, the Generous lavishes generosity, the Bestower of gifts bestows and the Bountiful, the Beneficent, bestows bounty and benefactions. Given the fact that in every single breath which passes you by – in each of them – your Lord is Beneficent, bestows freely, gives freely, is being generous and dispenses bounty. What then is your share in all this? How can you be content as you go on without the gift of the Gift-giver, the beneficence of the Beneficent and the bestowal of the Bestower as your breath dissipates?

When you reflect on ideas like this, you come to realise that it is for a reason that Allah SWT created the heavens and the earths in all their length and breadth and for which He sent forth envoys and made this universe subservient to us. He has called us vicegerents on earth, and endowed us with a predisposition to the reality of al-ubudiyyah (worshipful servitude). This is without a doubt a grave and immense matter which should have weight and esteem in our minds. Likewise, it is incumbent upon us not to be content with allowing our time to pass us by whilst we are oblivious of this great and grave matter, while we are without an aptitude to nourish ourselves with it, and without any desire to go in search of the gift of it. In reality, we should reflect and meditate upon this matter within our hearts. We must be prepared to seek nearness to the Sovereign, the All-Powerful, the Constant Forgiver of wrongdoings.

He, when the servant seeks to be near Him, approaches. Yet our ‘nearness’ to Allah is metaphorical, it is not real – what does this mean? The states of nearness to Allah SWT which we attribute to ourselves when we tend to say “We have strived.. we have approached… we eagerly desire… we have sought” or “we have made an effort” – are all metaphors. They are not reality. What do these metaphors mean? What they mean is that our striving, our approaching, our desire, are only the outward form and manifestation of approaching. The reality of it is the approach of Allah Himself SWT! Can a man approach Allah without Allah having approached him? No, by His Glory! No! Sovereigns are not trespassed upon in their residences without their leave. Rulers do not have their assemblies entered upon except if they so wish, and the Sovereign of all sovereigns, the King of kings SWT, will not allow any heart in this universe to ever seek nearness to Him or approach Him, unless He so wills SWT! Thus, when a mu’min (believing man) or mu’mina (believing woman) finds desire for nearness to Allah in her heart and an inspirational drive to approach Him, if she feels her whole self respond as she does so, that is good news for her – indeed Allah has willed it; He has called her to Him and opened her heart to attend the gatherings of knowledge. Because had He not, then what would have made her attend a gathering like this? And what would have made her ears incline to words such as these? Allah SWT!

How many have heard of gatherings like this yet failed to attend? How many have heard of lessons like this yet did not lend their ears? Who then has made you attend? Who has made you listen? And Who has kept the others away? Indeed it is Allah SWT and exalted be He in His Magnificence. Allah has called us to a gathering like this. Allah has made us hear words like these. Allah has spurred up eagerness within us and given the inspirational drive to us. Do we deserve all this? Are we deserving of such status in the manner with which Allah deals with us? No, by His Glory and Majesty! Were Allah to deal with us on the basis of the most minor of our wrongdoings, the earth would have swallowed us without leaving the nearest trace. Were Allah SWT to remove the veil covering our defects and disgraces, by His Glory and Majesty, none would greet us and none would have listened to us. Were Allah SWT to deal with us on the basis of what we deserve, all of us would have been exterminated. But the generosity of the Generous, and the favour of the One Who Bestows Favours, is what has made you attend these gatherings. He is the One Who has given speech to the tongue; He is the One Who has made the ear incline; and He is the One Who has made ears listen… and listen with attention.

Habib Ali Zain Al’ Abideen Al Jifri

To be continued…

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  • 1. ruqayyah  |  August 31, 2008 at 7:54 am

    ramadhan mubarak ya ameeeeerah :)

  • 2. alfaqeer  |  August 31, 2008 at 9:43 am

    ruqayyah: to you too ya ruqayyaaaaaaah! ;)

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