To start a new day

August 19, 2008 at 8:00 am 2 comments

Salam & good morning all! :)

Many times, I get slightly offended at people’s treatment of others, especially when it comes to harsh words or treating someone badly just because you are having a bad day. I’m no better, I can be snappy at times too and I truly apologize to people who’s been on the receiving end of that!

But yes, because I really want the Akhlak Revolution to work out, here’s some hadith that will hopefully make you smile more, frown less and try to be better to everyone around you, no matter how good or bad your day has been. InsyaAllah.

– On the authority of Adee bin Hatim (May Allah be pleased with him) who said:

The Messenger of Allah SAW said: “Save yourselves from Hell, even if it be by giving only half a date (of a palm tree) as charity; and one who does not have even that should at least speak nicely
(Bukhari & Muslim)

Islam is so sweet la seriously. :)

– On the authority of Abu Dharr (May Allah be pleased with him) who said:

The Prophet SAW told me: “Do not consider even the smallest good deed as insignificant; even meeting your brother with a cheerful face is a good deed.”

-On the authority of Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) who said:

The Messenger of Allah SAW said:
“Every part of a person’s body must perform a charity every day the sun comes up:
to act justly between two people is a charity,
to help a man with his mount, lifting him onto it or hoisting his belongings onto it is charity;
a good word is a charity;
every step you take to prayers is a charity;
and removing a harmful thing from the road is a charity.”
(Bukhari & Muslim)

Okay gotta get ready for school. I hope everyone will be smiley today heh. :)


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Birthday Report Abaleeso

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  • 1. sm  |  August 20, 2008 at 5:18 pm

    assalammualaikum, its been a while :)
    i had another dream with u in it haha
    it was ramadhan and i went to ur house to break fast (air oren!) and solat together but then u didnt have extra telekung so i had to put together pieces of scarves hahahah
    this is getting so weird we’ve never even met hahahaha but i hope evrythings ok on ur side of the planet! :D

  • 2. Sufyan  |  August 21, 2008 at 8:07 pm


    Akhlak Revolution… sounds like some communist group in Russia or smth. Haha.

    Anyway, Thank You for the entry =)

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