Birthday Report

August 17, 2008 at 1:13 pm 8 comments

This was last year…

And this is this year…

Some people may choose to celebrate their birthday by being alone and reflecting on their shortening lives and that’s all fine & dandy. For me, I can do all that on any other day. But for my birthday, I prefer to show my gratitude and to get my family & friends together, to forge stronger bonds (“ukhuwwah fillah”) and to give food. Because that is what the Prophet SAW encouraged us to do when we’re happy – to give food to people.

“A man asked Allah’s Messenger: “Which part of Islam is best? He replied: “That you should provide food and say salaam to those whom you know and those you do not know.”

[Abu Dawood (v: 3, no: 5175) agreed upon”

Alhamdulillah this year my family managed to host 2 majlis at my place.

We had a small-scale maulid (due to my small-scale house haha) on 9th of August.

With my grandparents and the 2 other August birthday girls. My cousin, Shorah, and my aunty.

Ustaz Asyraf & friends.

With 2 of my friends who came for the maulid. Wani & Fana.

The maulid was led by Ustaz Asyraf & his friends. It was a splendid day really. I was really happy the whole day. My whole family was here and its been a while since I had seen everyone proper because I usually have class on Saturdays. We had a maulid and there was selawat ringing out from every part of the house, happy happy thing! And I was burning ood too! Hehe, I love the smell. Although my dad was being ‘smoked’ the whole time haha. ;)

There was no better way to spend my birthday. Rather than spend it alone or with just my family, the Ustaz conducted a tahlil for those who had gone before us, he made dua for the August birthday girls and to all Muslims as a whole, we had selawat on the Prophet SAW, and before he left, we had a short tazkirah where the Ustaz reminded us of the temporality of this world and to prepare ourselves for the world to come. It was fantastic. Everything was fantastic.

I think what I really wanted this year was people’s dua for me. I mean, at the risk of sounding completely full of myself, what I meant is that … I don’t know if my dua will be granted you know. I know Allah is Most Generous, when He gives, He really gives. I know that. But then again, thinking about the state of my heart and my load of sins… Well, lets just say if I could judge myself and have control over granting duas, I wouldn’t even grant it to myself. =/ Knowing that, I really need intercessors or people to make dua on my behalf. I’m sure Allah will grant it to people whose sincere and whose hearts are really cleaaaaan.

Ibn ‘Umar reported, “The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘When you pass by a garden of Paradise, avail yourselves of it.’ The Companions asked, ‘What are the gardens of Paradise, O Messenger of Allah? ‘ The Prophet, peace be upon him, replied, ‘The assemblies or circles of zhikr or knowledge. There are some angels of Allah who go about looking for such assemblies of zhikr and knowledge, and when they find them they surround them’.”

On Sunday, I invited the Amor people over for lunch/dinner at my place. I had jokingly requested for everyone to wear only blue and white and surprisingly, they did turn up in those colours!! Haha. It was really cute of them.

This was when I went off to fetch 2 Amor people who didn’t know the way to my place. When I returned, I was locked out of my own house! Haha.

They made me a photo album of the Cambodia pictures! MasyaAllah. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at it. I really love it. The whole decoration and all, masyaAllah, its really pretty.

With my parents. My cute mum actually changed out of her purple jubah to a blue one just coz everyone else was in blue! Hahaha. I love my mother. My brother wasn’t home so he can’t be in the family picture. :(

My beloved Amor people. :) Most of them had to leave along the way so this was all that’s left when we finally took a group picture. Another thing that made me really happy was having jemaah prayers together. Seriously, what better way to celebrate my birthday right? :)

Since all these was happening prior to my birthday haha, I had another celebration on my actual birthday, 12th August.

Last year, my birthday coincided with Isra’ Mi’raj I think and I remembered celebrating it with Ustaz TM Fouzy hehe. I really love that man. This year, my birthday coincided with our Tuesday classes with him too! I hope every year I get to see him on my birthday.

Since I go for my Tuesday classes with my Umrah jemaah, we had dinner after class. Again, I jokingly told them to wear only black and white and they really did turn up in that! Haha.

The blessed people I went to Umrah with. :)
(Btw, that trenchcoat thing that I’m wearing was a birthday gift by the Amor people too. I wore it to school to show them heehee.)

And how beautiful Allah plans things. For Ustaz Fouzy’s class that night, he was talking about ukhuwwah fillah. Or love and friendships for the sake of Allah. I truly feel that the people I spent my birthday with this year are the very people that Allah had chosen for me as companions on this path. Alhamdulillah alfu alfu alfu marraat. :) So many things to be grateful for masyaAllah.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Syaaban so far. Very few days left to everyone’s favourite month, RAMADHAN! Yayyyy! :) May we all meet it in good health & iman insyaAllah.


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  • 1. Fadzuli  |  August 18, 2008 at 8:33 am


    Happy belated B’day…

  • 2. mardy  |  August 18, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    Uwaaah! Happy 21st birthday Ameera! What a great way to spend it masyaAllah =)

  • 3. uniqinc  |  August 19, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Salam ‘alaika Amee

    Happy 21st Besday.. -)

    With Allah’s blessings always

  • 4. alfaqeer  |  August 19, 2008 at 7:13 am

    Fadzuli:Salam. Thank you for the wish. Duakan sekali ye. Hehe.

    mardy: Thanks darling! I hope Allah & His Messenger is pleased with us.

    uniqinc: Waalaikassalam. (I have no idea what your real name is woops.) And thank you! May Allah bless you too. :)

  • 5. hidayah  |  August 19, 2008 at 10:55 pm

    MasyaAllah. Amee, its a small world afterall. I knw Uztz Asyraf! He came over to my plc once. And i thought he left for mesir alrdy.

    It was indeed the bestest 21st uve hd. My nvrending prayers for u dearie. Till fri!! ive gt smtg in mind alrdy! hehehe :)

  • 6. weenay  |  August 22, 2008 at 11:27 pm


    AMMMMMMMM!!!! anw, i wanted to comment n say that i think u loookk sooo cute and teacher-like n business-like in the trenchcoat!! its sooo pretty! im nt exaggerating k.. haha.. n anw, i had fun at ur maulid! makes me feel as though i shud hold one next yr for my bdae too… haha.. Insyallah!

    take cares n have a blessed Ramadhan (soon)!!


  • 7. alfaqeer  |  August 23, 2008 at 12:41 am

    hidayah: Thank you so much darling for your gifts and the lunch! I really enjoyed today. :) You are such a darling and I really love you!! May Allah bless you and guide you always my dear.

    weenay: Hahaha bukan trenchcoat yang lawa, orang yang pakai ……. (fill in the blanks!) Hahaha. I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Its my dad’s line, not mine. Heh.

    Anyway yes, please do have a maulid for your birthday too! Everyday is a good day to honour our Prophet SAW! :D And you should make everyone wear green & white, you know… his SAW favourite colours heehee.

    You have a blessed Ramadhan too insyaAllah! :)

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    […] thank Allah everyday for my family and my very very amazing friends. Ya Allah, bless my family and my friends endlessly and make them […]

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