Post-Cambodia Reflection – Staying together

August 6, 2008 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Another lesson I learnt whilst at Cambodia was the importance of having good companions & staying together.

Our iman is not constant thats for sure. Well, at least I know mine isn’t. =/

Over at Cambodia, our tight schedules and our fatigue made laziness creep in. Our discipline in praying on time, especially fajr and isya’, was severely tested. There was several times I prayed isya’ only at 1 or 2 in the morning because I slept right after debriefing which ended around 11. Syaitaan would then come I hate giving shaitaan the pleasure of winning over me so I shall now say it was my nafs, that would overcome me and the bed would seem so much more alluring. It was a struggle to get up. I mean, I wanted to pray and meet my Lord and then this horrible nagging voice in me would say “Oh He’d understand, you’re tired. You can skip one and repent later.”

Honestly, it was very tempting.

But I’m glad I had people around me who would ask “Have you prayed?” or “Wanna pray jemaah?” and it may seem like a small thing but it was precisely these small things that matter most.

Besides praying, I realized the importance of staying together as an ummah especially in the face of difficulties. We were faced with tricky situations, of gender-mixing and other things in the same vein. I’m utterly utterly grateful for certain individuals who stuck to the rules of Allah SWT and kept the remembrance of Him alive throughout the trip. Seeing them sticking so tightly to the rope of Allah SWT made me envious and I too wanted the same determination & firmness. We are all too lenient with ourselves sometimes. It was a good lesson and it reminded me again of my post on being a Stranger.

More than ever, I wanted to prove to myself and to the Prophet SAW and Allah SWT that I could be a good ambassador of Islam. I’ve tarnished its name before and no way am I going to let it happen again. You know how there are some people who are just walking ISLAM? Well, I really want to be such a person. May Allah make all of us walking ISLAM and help us on this journey to serve him the way He deserves to be served. May He grant us the discipline and the love to want to hold on tightly to His rope and never let go. May He bless the relationships built in Amor and help us on His Way always. Amin!


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Maulidur Rasul 1 Syaaban Qalbu mukmin baitulLah

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