Post-Cambodia Reflection – Gift

July 27, 2008 at 10:31 am 2 comments

After talking to a dear friend for a few hours about my Cambodia trip, I realized that I learnt a lot of things over the course of the 2 weeks.

One of the most important lessons was regarding this precious gift that I have – my religion & my faith.

During my Life Journey presentation, I shared with them a bit about my past, the things I used to get myself involved in and subsequently the events that eventually contributed to how I am today. Looking back, I realized that I was in a position where I could have stayed there all my life. I was happy (although happiness here is defined very differently from how I would define happiness now), and life was comfortable where I was. Had Allah not jolted me out of my slumber & saved me, I would have been there perhaps even forever.

Yes, the months following all that were difficult and confusing and very frustrating. But I’m glad I had to go through the whole searching process because if not, I would not have been able to appreciate what I’ve found. I know I will never be able to fully appreciate it. I pray Allah makes me, and you, a grateful servant.

Another girl, at the end of her Life Journey presentation, said that she wanted to be able to feel what I feel – the certitude. And I was really taken aback. I had always thought she had an almost-perfect life. Great family, great religious background, smart, pretty etc. When I heard that, I was like Woah wait a minute, you envy ME? I took days to really think about it & fully comprehend what I was hearing.

And then I realize this: If I was given everything in this world, love from people, wealth, fame, beauty and brains, but I did not have my faith, everything else would mean nothing. Absolutely nothing. I realize that Allah had given me something (amongst many other ni’mat of course) that is so extremely precious to me, something that makes everything else meaningful. If I were to lose this and still have fame and wealth and brains, I would still be in great loss, the greatest loss possible.

At that moment, I realize how I need to guard it safely and take care of it and never ever compromise it. If I lived for a hundred years but never realized the beauty of Islam and the beauty of the Prophet SAW, there really is no point living. I thank Allah everyday for giving me a glimpse of how beautiful Islam is and I pray I never stop finding it beautiful. I hope & pray that He gives it to anyone who is searching and those who are not searching, to those in need of it and to those who never realized their need for it, and to strengthen those who have it and help us to share this gift to anyone who comes our way. Amin.

Here’s a song about gratitude that’s suitable for this post. I don’t know about you, but the song made me cry. Alhamdulillah alfu alfu alfu marraat. :)

We should be like the mountain
It never complains
We should be like the mountain
It praises God and never complains


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  • 1. Nu'man  |  July 29, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Salam Ameera :)

    Wah, such a good reflection. First time i come to your block, so many good thing to read :D, alhumdulillah. I wish i could do like you to have my own blog and share whatever i want to share :).

    Anyway, keep sharing ya. Inshaallah it will inspired & benefit the readers. :).

    Nu’man, Nua

  • 2. alfaqeer  |  July 30, 2008 at 12:00 am

    Nu’man: BUDDDDYYYYY!!!!!! =D

    I’m so happy to see your name here la! :) Hehe. You should start your own blog too Buddy. I’m sure you have much to share. If you wanna know how, later when I see you I tell you k! InsyaAllah.

    Keep me in your prayers ya Buddy?

    ameera, amee

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