Shaykh Khalil, Reflections & Duas

July 3, 2008 at 11:44 am 2 comments

Assalammualaikum & a good morning to all. All praises to Allah Most High. Peace & blessings be upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW, never ending blessings until we meet him insyaAllah.

I cannot even begin to put in words the days I’ve had.

But before I forget, I am flying off to Cambodia this Saturday, 5th July and will be back insyaAllah on 19th July. Its an overseas expedition organised by NTUMS and the people I am going with consists of people from NTU, NUS & SIM and several others. At the moment, another team, Eu4ria, is in Cambodia. May Allah bless them & help them in achieving what they have set out to do and give them a safe return home.

My team is called Amor and there’s 22 of us. I love every single one of them. We’ve worked together for a while now (which explains the long days I’ve had. Well, excluding the fact that I was also ‘stalking’ Shaykh Khalil concurrently haha) & I cannot believe we are actually leaving in about 2 days’ time. Woo!

If any Amorians are reading this, please go upload your pictures and videos at our Multiply page!


Okay now that that’s done, let me wax lyrical about Shaykh Khalil. I’ve seen him on Friday night, Sunday morning, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday afternoon & Wednesday night. I won’t be able to go for the Ratib & talk on Thursday (Amor meeting) and the pre-Jumaah talk (Amor meeting) but insyaAllah I will go for the one at Singapore Post this Friday. I AM SO GOING TO MISS HIM WHEN HE LEAVES! :(

May Allah bless him & his family & aid him in his work & lighten his burdens & help him to reform others & inspire others always.

He is one person that you would not mind if he continues talking and talking and talking. He is seriously masyaAllah. The workshop was beautiful. The people were beautiful, the content covered was extremely relevant & it really hit home to many of us, and the whole event & atmosphere was just great. Alhamdulillah! I feel so blessed really at this moment. I feel really bad for complaining 2 posts ago. I am so glad I managed to attend these events. And I realize one thing, I have amazing friends. Seriously, they are the nicest bunch of people I could ever meet & they say the nicest things!

Shaykh Khalil was talking about having a good companion on the same path. He had his great intimate friend, Aaron Sellars, now Harun Sellars, and what a pairing they are! I feel so blessed that I have my Original Spiritual Comrade, Fakhrunisaa’, and not only that, these great companions are only increasing and best of all, I have one in my house! My beloved brother, masyaAllah, I’m really lucky he’s my brother. :) (ps: Ruqayyah, once you upload picture, send me okay. I want to put it up here. Thank you come again heh.)

Okay back to the story. So on the first night of the workshop, Shaykh Khalil talked about having the Divine Urge. This divine urge comes about when you finally realise that you’ve had enough of your lifestyle, of your sinning, of you manufacturing excuses for yourself and you just finally really want to leave that all behind and make that change in your life. This divine urge does not come from yourself and is a precious gift from Allah SWT.

Seriously on that first night, actually all 3 nights of the workshop, I felt like he was talking to me directly, as if he knew me so well. I bet I wasn’t the only one feeling like that masyaAllah.

But about the divine urge, I really felt it hit home. I felt it, I felt sick of how I was and what I was doing and I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy and the heedlessness etc etc. I felt that, maybe, 2 years ago. And then Shaykh talked about what you should do when you feel you have this divine urge.

1) Strengthen it.

2) Protect it.

3) Respond to it.

Most important thing to note is that this divine urge does not come from yourself and is a gift from Allah. If you are unable to appreciate it and do whats necessary, it could be taken away from you at any time. Na’uzubillah. May Allah always aid us and guide us and never take away this divine urge from us. Amin.

So how do you go about the 3 steps?

ONE: Strengthening it.
(i) Remembrance of Allah. Let your heart, your lips, your tongue, always be praising him & remembering Allah and be engaging in dhikr at all times.

(ii) Reflecting on what He has.
In the Qur’an, many lines talk about what we have in this world dwindles or perishes away but what is with Allah is forever. Thinking about what is with Him will increase our yearning to be with Him and to eradicate the love of this world from our hearts.

Last night he said that this world is only fit to be in our hands and under our feet but not in our hearts. Thats not where it belongs. In our hands = at our service. We utilise things of this world to help us but they are not controlling us. Under our feet = literal meaning, for us to walk upon and take rest in. Symbolic meaning, we are in control and not this dunya.

(iii) Thirdly, to strengthen the divine urge, you must keep the company of the righteous and people who loves good and will induce good in you, who will motivate you and who will reprimand you if you are doing something against the laws of Allah SWT.

He quoted Imam Ghazali a lot and when it comes to companionship, I did post something about it here and Shaykh Khalil mentioned it too.

I will stop here. And don’t worry, I’ll be writing some posts that will be published automatically when I’m in Cambodia so insyaAllah I will share what I gained from the talks with the amazing Shaykh Khalil, may Allah raise his ranks and bless him always, in the next few posts. You really need to reflect on each point slowly and deeply and not just scan through everything I’ve written. Even I am not done reflecting on everything he has said but insyaAllah I will do that in the plane, on the bus, while walking etc.

One more thing, A friend of mine is undergoing an operation as we speak. So please make dua for him. May Allah give him a speedy recovery and that the pain he is going through will be a cleansing of his sins and to purify his heart and raise his ranks insyaAllah.

May Allah bless all of you. :) Keep me in your dua please!

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  • 1. spiderman_pink  |  July 3, 2008 at 5:40 pm

    wah cambodia! sounds like fun.

    were you part of the team name brainstorming? Amor eh. i smell conspiracy. heh.

    du’a musafir makbul insha Allah!

  • 2. alfaqeer  |  July 4, 2008 at 1:11 am

    spiderman_pink: I was not! Haha when I joined, the name was already coined! Reaaallyyy oneeee.

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