Our Rightful Heroines

June 27, 2008 at 9:10 am 3 comments

True, sincere, believing women of the past
Who in their lives remained faithful and steadfast
Amazing were they, those women who believed
Who hastened to the truth as the Qur’an was revealed
To forever leave behind the old, ignorant ways
Passed down by their forefathers, in the bygone days
Accepting the truth, in utter awe of their lord
Memorizing His divine pearls, word by word

Khadija Al-Kubra, the prophets most beloved
Upon her wealth and wisdom was bestowed
Her wealth, she flourished generously on the poor
Her wisdom helped the prophet believe in the noor
The light of the angels who brought glad tidings
Of prophet hood, a lifetime full of blessings
She was one of the first Muslims who believed
Whilst the majority had refused and rejected
Although, Islam’s early days did she pass away
In the prophet’s heart and memory she did stay

Rare women today who like Fatima Az-Zahra
The youngest daughter of Khadija Al-Kubra
As a little girl, she bravely helped her father
From the disbelievers, when he was in prayer
Whilst they mocked, she stood firm to protect
What she believed in and her father, the noble prophet
She grew up to be most patient in all her burden
So rightfully earned, she was promised the garden

The memory of Summayyah, within us it still remains
The first martyr of Islam as she endured all pains
Abu Jahl did beat her as she lay on the blazing sand
Why she strongly held onto Islam he could not understand
The truth that Summayyah saw was hidden from his eyes
With sabr, she refused once and again to believe in his lies
Infuriated to the limit, Abu Jahl lunged forward his spear
Putting an end to her life, and she welcomed it without fear
To meet Allah Almighty, to enter the highest rank in Jannah
An end to her suffering, a start of a new beginning

Aisha Bint Abi-Bakr, the greatest scholar of all time
So gifted with knowledge was she, beyond the boundary
People came looking for her, from all over the country
To benefit from her ilm, to hear her advice
Learning from the prophet, she came to be wise
She turned to Allah, when she was wronged in slander
All around the city of Makkah, tongues did wander
Allah came to her aid, as He knew her to be pure
As mother of the believers, she did remain true

Mentioned in the Quran, is Maryam Bint Imran
Allah’s chosen “above all women of the world”
Mother of prophet Isa, the purest of all women
Allah provided for her when she was in seclusion
Living only for Him, she was in His protection
Obedient was she when she was told to leave
All her people behind, in order to conceive
In her chastity, a baby boy, a most unique miracle
And patient was she, when she came back to her people
Mocking her that she had disgraced her noble family
Jesus in the cradle had spoken words of true reality
Preached as a baby, a sign of his mother’s purity
No doubt, Maryam was unique in every way
And will indeed remain so, until the last day

Last but not least is Asiya, wife of Pharaoh
One of the four most perfect women in Islam
Who had adopted Musa, his life she had saved
With the will of Allah, like a son he’d been loved
To grow up in firaun’s eyes, his future untold
He had guided Asiya, pulled her into the fold
Of truth, to believe in the Oneness of the Creator
Instead of Pharaoh, a most deceitful transgressor
To Allah only she did seek His help in desperation
When she went against her husband, for protection
Hoping to reside in paradise with Allah Almighty

Oh how true were the believing women of Islam
To their lord and creator, with strong, solid Iman
They are many, and they all command a sense of respect
They lived their lives righteously, with little regret
Fighting all temptations of life, to live for Allah

What happened then to the Muslimahs of today?
Why are they throwing their precious deen away?
The deen in which women are most honored
A gift from Allah Most High that is sacred
O Allah, I ask you to open their eyes to see
How truly blessed in Islam they could be..

(By Fatiha Sh. Omar)

Got it from here.


This made me cry. How strong they were, how superbly weak I am. How little my burdens, how heavy theirs was. How sweet their smile, how shameless by behaviour. How amazing they are, how disgraceful I am.

This has been bugging me for the longest time ever. I’ve always heard this being said. That Allah tests those He loves.

What if you’ve had it easy all your life? I don’t mean to be ungrateful. I am extremely happy for everything that I’ve gotten. But when I look around me, I’ve got it easy. Others lose wealth, does badly in school, lose a parent, have really huge tests etc. My ‘tests’ aren’t even tests. They’re just consequences of my own mistakes. I’ve really had an easy, untested life. I pray it is not istidraj. I pray someone tells me my mistakes so I can even begin to be qualified for His love (not that I might even reach it) but thats another thing altogether.

This always brings me down. Tests are to cleanse one’s self, to raise their ranks, to get them closer to Allah. How about those that does not get tested? Has Allah casted me away? :( Ya Rabbi, please show me the way to Your Pleasure. This life is not worth living if You are not pleased with me.

I know I’ve ‘complained’ about this to others before. But it just keeps coming back to me. Allah Allah… What do I do? Thank You for everything. Forgive me if I’m being ungrateful Ya Rabbi.. :(

Ilahi Anta Maqsudi Wa Ridaka Matlubi – Oh Allah, You are my Goal & Your Good Pleasure is my Aim.


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  • 1. mardy  |  June 27, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    masyaAllah ameera, thank you so much for sharing this article! i’m gona print it and paste it in my room =D

    tests from Him, it differs. for you it may sound heavy, to others it may be a light test and vice versa. perhaps this, this uncertainty & confusion that ure feeling, is a test on its own. perhaps He’s testing how strong ur faith is, how humble you are, how determined you are in this quest to be a taqwa muslimah. but who knows? i can only contribute my input.

    the thing about His tests is that it comes unexpectedly so don’t even come looking for it. it will come, insyaAllah :)

  • 2. hidayah  |  June 28, 2008 at 9:14 am

    MasyaAllah. beautifully written.
    Amee, Allah will not test a person beyond their capabilities.. Often, we are more focused on what we are lacking than what we have been blessed with. The glass is either half empty or half full depending on your perspective. Allah has promised, Allah has neglected none of us. So darling, don’t let your worries makes you feel that Allah has neglected you. :) :)
    “There is not a moving creature on earth nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they shall be gathered.”

  • 3. shafiqa  |  July 1, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Assalamualaikum wr wb sis,

    Don’t despair.Sometimes I do feel like how you feel.Most importantly, you do not let yourselves go on like these forever. Allah swt is most Merciful,most Compassionate. He does not put a burden heavier than what you cannot bear.

    Who knows, you might be His favourite servant. And Allah knows best.

    Just my 10cents worth.*inflation goes up, advice also cost more.* :P

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