Mampukah ku mengharungi titian sirat nanti?

June 8, 2008 at 9:43 pm 1 comment

Sebelum Terlena – Hijjaz

First & foremost, to SM who sent me the song (I tried uploading it & I can’t. And its not on youtube either. Its called “Sebelum Terlena” by Hijjaz) , thank you so much. It made me cry & cry. Like you said, it was definitely no coincidence that you found my blog & sent me that message. I really feel this connection with you. May we help each other be better Muslimahs insyaAllah.

To Srikandi: My dearest, sorry we haven’t been online at the same time. I really cannot wait for you to come back & meet you. Ever since you emailed me, I’ve always missed you. Isn’t it strange? To miss someone you’ve never met & barely know? :) Even stranger is when I say “I love you” or “Uhibbuki fillah” and really feel it in the depths of my heart. How beautiful a friendship when Allah & Rasulullah SAW becomes the first and main reason for that friendship. Thanks for that first email ukhti. It means the world to me. May we be resurrected with our Beloved SAW holding our hands yea. :)

To my Spiritual Comrade: Sorry for that super long sms. But thanks for that phonecall after. You didn’t need to say much. It just feels good to know someone knows how I’m feeling with regards to this. For sure, this spiritual journey we’ve embarked on is meant to be filled with tears but I’ve never regretted taking that first step towards it. May this friendship bring us closer to Allah, may it increase our taqwa & our iman, may we help keep the love for Allah & Rasulullah SAW aflame in each others’ hearts always.

To everyone else whom I’ve met through this blog, uhibbukum fillah. :) Don’t forget me in your doa. InsyaAllah you guys are in mine too.


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