Oh Allah, oh Allah, forgive me when I whine

April 30, 2008 at 6:44 pm 8 comments

Allah ya Kareem! :)

MasyaAllah, He really is Most Generous. Not only did He cure this little aching heart of mine, I even got presents! Haha.

I’ve been saving up to buy this particular book for the longest time ever but each time I think I’m nearing the target, I have other things to pay for, like belanja someone makan, a cousin’s birthday, etc etc, something always seems to come up! And I was really looking forward to getting the GST rebate to finally get the book. And then guess what? The cousins came up with a plan for Mothers’ Day that would take up a significant portion of that amount and I finally told myself that I will not plan to get it but just get it when I have enough money. In other words, I kind of gave up thinking I could get the book anytime soon la.

One day after I decided that, I met a dear friend (I prefer to call her my Spiritual Comrade hehe) in school. We talked and caught up with one another & then towards the end of the conversation, she went “Hey, you know I left these 2 books in the musollah that I don’t want anymore. You can have it.” And me being the book-crazy nerd jumped at the offer after making sure she REALLY did not want it anymore. After that it was time for Maghrib prayers and we walked to the musollah together. And guess whaaaaaat!

One of the books was the book that I’ve been saving up for and here she is, just giving it to me just like that!!! Alhamdulillah! Not only did I get the book I want, I even got another book la. Its like buy one get one free, but this is never buy also get for free. Hahaha.

On top of that, I was just walking out of the examination hall earlier today and feeling so much lighter because yes, finally, exams are O-V-E-R, and then I got a message: “Left you a shawl on the shelf of the musollah behind the mirror in white plastic (smiley)”!! So happy! If humans could be this generous and sweet, imagine the Creator of Generosity & Sweetness!! So I went over to the musollah, took the shawl and prayed dhuha.

Because of my back aches, I was lying down & studying. When there’s a will, there’s a way! Where there’s back ache, there’s the ‘Rotate File’ function! Haha. (Oh don’t ask me to explain whats on the screen, I have no idea as well.)

People go to musollah to pray, I go there to seek refuge from the crowd & makan. Heehee.

I was feeling a bit sentimental because I was missing my friend Nisa (the Original Spiritual Comrade) because I remembered how I used to always see her in the musollah. Often I would be praying dhuha and she’s sleeping and even after I’m done, she’d still be sleeping (!!) and so I would leave notes next to her cheek. Haha. And right at that moment, I got a msg from Nisa! : “Ya habibaty I miss you so much that Allah blessed me with a dream with which I saw you and I hugged you very long.”

Aiyoooo so for the n-th consecutive time this past week, I cried again. Haha. MasyaAllah, what a rollercoaster week its been for me. But how Allah knows how to cure hearts. Ya Kasyifal Kurub, alhamdulillah! :))

Later on, I was in the train reading the book and this Indian guy next to me was so not hiding the fact that he was reading what I was reading. I didn’t mind at all because hey, its about Prophet Muhammad SAW! If I could, I’d read the book aloud in the train! Haha. But it was getting a bit uncomfortable because there are some moments I don’t know if he’s done with the page or not or if he’s looking at the book or at something else! Finally he spoke to me and asked “Which edition is this?” which just sounded like a jumble of words to me because I had my earphones on at that time so I yanked them off and went “Sorry?”. So he asked again and I turned to the cover and was looking through the first few pages and finally saw it “Published in 2002.” He was like “I see.” And I didn’t know if I should just keep quiet but it was just awkward so I said “You’ve read this before?” And so the conversation went like this;

Him: Yeah I read this book before.
Me: I see. Are you Muslim?
Him: No no but I’ve got lots of Malay friends. (Yeah because Malay is tantamount to Muslim)
Me: Okay.
Him: Are you local?
Me: Ermm yea.
Him: When’s your birthday?
Me: (What in the world for…) Erm 1987?
Him: No, I mean date.
Me: Errr August. 12 August.
Him: Oh thats very good. Very good date.
Me: Hahaha why? Whats good about it?
Him: People born on the twelve is the number three. Very intelligent.
Me: Three. You mean 1 + 2? Twelve.
Him: Yeah, see, smart!
Me: Hahaha. Whats your number then?
Him: Mine is 5.
Me: What does 5 mean?
Him: 5 means friendly. In the Indian astrology. (I think he said astrology. Or was it numerology? I forgot.)
Me: Haha I guess you just proved that huh. (But I think I spoke too fast, as always, so he didn’t catch what I said and just ignored me and continued talking.)
Him: 1 means very straight, 2 is good (don’t know what he means by good), 3 is intelligent, 4 is very bad, I don’t like number fours, (at this point I was laughing already ah), 5 is friendly, 6 is romantic, 7 is angelic, very good, You know like 7 wonders of the world, 7 seas, everything 7 is good, 8 is… (okay sorry I forgot what he told me) and 9 is leadership. Always want to dominate others but don’t want to be led. Not good also.

Him: So if you want to find boyfriend, don’t go for 1 or 4 or 8. Find 4 or 5 or 7. (Ehem ehem promotion nampak…)
Me: Whats so bad about 4?
Him: How to say ah…. I don’t know the English word. 4 is very cerewet. You know?
Me: Hahaha yeah I know.
Him: Before marriage ah.. okay. After marriage, this one cannot, that one cannot. Everything also must ask.

So the conversation continued for quite awhile. He even stopped at Outram with me and I was scared that he was going to follow me home but thank goodness, he had to go to work at Harbourfront. Apparently he’s Malaysian and so we spoke in Malay for a bit (I didn’t want to appear atas) and talked about the differences he found in Singaporean Muslims and Malaysian Muslims. He said Muslims in Singapore saw Islam as something to progress and bring them forward while the Muslims in Malaysia used it as an excuse to be lazy. I felt quite defensive not because I have any affiliation with Malaysia per se but because it had to do with Islam.

So I said “Saya tak rasa orang Muslim Malaysia malas sebab Islam. Diorang malas sebab diorang bumiputera apa. Semua benda gahmen kasi. Kita kat Singapore, majority Cina, so no choice ah, kene kerja kuat ah.” Then he said something sooo funny. “Yeah kat sana gahmen dah suruh bukak mulut, suapkan makan lepas tu diorang tanak telan. Gahmen mesti cakap “Telan please, telan please”.” HAHAHA. That was hilarious!

Before he left, he asked for my name and he smiled this really wide smile when I told him and said “Waah very nice name.” I was like “Errr riiiight” And I didn’t know if it was gatal to ask for his but I thought it was just courtesy and he said his name was Anand. He said he hopes to bump into me again and although I enjoyed the conversation, my anti-social instincts reared its head and I went back to feeling uncomfortable. I was more than glad when my train arrived and I said goodbye (I almost beri salam) and when he said “Nice talking to you. Hope to see you again”, I almost said “yeah insyaAllah.” Actually, I think I did say that. Haha. But he must be used to that la, since he has a lot of “Malay friends”.

And so I got back, dumped my bag on the bed, took off my tudung and slept.

Ohmygosh, see la, happy only talk so much. Haha.

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Miss Happiness is a blessing

8 Comments Add your own

  • 1. ruqayyah  |  May 1, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    hey i think i saw you loads of time when habib omar came to spore.
    i saw you at maqam habib noh & istighfar. err.. k maybe only twice heheh.

    ehhh really? haha. i hate it when people see/know me and i don’t see/know them. this is not fair la. haha. will i be seeing you again? okay, actually more of will you be seeing me again? are you going for the seminar this saturday? or the mawlid after that? yes, no, maybe, you don’t know? haha.

  • 2. ruqayyah  |  May 3, 2008 at 2:50 am

    hi ^^
    insyaAllah i will go to the mawlid after that =)

  • 3. paperdollparty  |  May 4, 2008 at 3:15 am

    eh. abbas is 4. hahah.

    anywayyy bila awak mahu meet saya ni?

  • 4. alfaqeer  |  May 4, 2008 at 6:48 am

    ruqayyah: Did you did youuuuuu? Didja see me? Haha.

    paperdollparty: Hahahaha. Uh oh. Meet la bila bila. Saya ada inter-sem sehhhh. So saya masih ada skola 3 times a week. Nyet.

  • 5. ruqayyah  |  May 4, 2008 at 9:44 pm

    noh… i didnt see you :( haha.
    but i added u at facebook! :)

  • 6. ruqayyah  |  May 4, 2008 at 9:46 pm

    noh… i didnt see you :( haha.
    but i added u at facebook! :)

  • 7. he  |  May 4, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Ya lah.. I am 4.. Before marriage good, after marriage cerewet! This one cannot that one cannot.. So be warned ah fah?

    anw, amee!! Hi..!!!! Like my first comment ever on your blog..

  • 8. alfaqeer  |  May 5, 2008 at 5:22 pm

    ruqayyah: InsyaAllah next event ya? :)
    I added you back! Haha.

    he: Eh, your email is so penipu la okay. Haha. Abbas, don’t so cerewet okay! Kesiankan la my iffy-diffy. Heh.

    Anw, abee, HI!!! Like my first reply ever on my blog.. ;)

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