Responses to The Hijab Issue v2

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Okay yes I know I’m very long-winded. Haha. I’ll try to keep my replies to the comments shorter okay. (No promises though. Heehee.)

From Khaliesah:

For me, the tudung just epitomises wearing your identity as a Muslim on your sleeve, and it’s not just one or two but many, many, many wearers of the tudung whom I’ve seen personally contribute to the continuing worsening image of a Muslim girl.

Well, I can’t disagree with you on that. Although, I must stress again that we all have a role to play & its unfair to place a greater burden on the tudung girl & lesser on the tudung-less.

Respect is called for tudung-wearers who know how to balance this ’sacred’ and ‘profane’, while, as ‘judgemental’ or ‘harsh’ as this seems, those who can’t should try harder.

So now you’ve heard from a hijab-wearer and a non-wearer (or should I say, future-wearer).. :D

InsyaAllah! :)
And yeah, we must remember that we’re all trying our best (husnu zon, husnu zon) to be the best servants to Him so there really is no use judging one another because ultimately, He knows what we conceal.

This reminds me of what my Ustaz at the Tafseer class said: When it comes to others’ sins, we always have doubts. But when it comes to ours, we don’t.”

What he meant was, when we see someone doing something wrong, we can never be sure that he did it on purpose or

  1. out of ignorance. (which means we have a responsibility to guide him.)
  2. without intention. (in which case we have no knowledge of either way.)
  3. he was forced to. (see above)

But when it comes to our own sins, we know for sure that we did it on purpose, with intention & with knowledge. And so, we really have no superiority over another because our knowledge is limited.

From Nadia:

First and foremost, know the logic behind hijab. It is advised to be worn so that your body be kept solely for one man that is your husband only.

I guess I answered this already with the last post. It was about the Ansar women & their unquestioning faith in Allah’s Words. I’m not saying its wrong to find reasons for certain things. Surely, Allah created us with minds & the intellect for a reason. What I’m saying is that, finding reasons for His Rules are our measly way to motivate ourselves to do certain things. Because we are in the age of Rationalisation. Everything that is done, needs to be rational and have reasons for them.

Because if it doesn’t, it doesn’t “make sense”. To me, its all fine & good to find reasons because some people need more convincing than others. Its all fine to say “Because you need to preserve yourself for your husband”, “because it catches less attention” etc etc. But honestly, there should be one reason and one reason alone: “Because Allah asked me to.” And with that, no other reason could beat it. Trust me.

I mean, just think about it. When you love someone, you do crazy, out-of-this-world things. You stay up for hours to bake something or to make a gift. You lose sleep, you skip meals, you fall sick, you spend a lot of money on them. None of it is rational. It rarely makes sense but you do it because you love someone & his/her happiness is enough to make it all worthwhile.

So why is it when it comes to Allah, the One who deserves our love the most, we are so calculative & stingy? Come on, surely making Him happy beats making anyone else happy. :)

And babe, you’re a perfect example of a muslimah who takes pride in her hijab…

We are all mere servants of his, and we are all equal in that sense. How much sins and good one does is for Allah to know, and no one else.

I know myself better than others, and Allah is more knowledgeable of me than myself. “O God! Do not take me to task for what they say, and make me better than what they think of me, and forgive me for those sins which they are unaware of.” The only reason you think that of me is because He covers my flaws la babe. If not, aiyoyo! Haha.

Anyway yes you summed it up well. It is only for Allah to know & no one else.

To Shahirah & Rizal, thanks for the comments but I think I’ve said enough about The Hijab Issue & I don’t think I have much more to add. If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to do so!

No it doesn’t. :)


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Response to “The Hijab Issue” Is this worth it?

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